What to Expect When You are Expecting a Farm Bill

The process to reauthorize the Farm Bill is never easy, but this time around it has been more challenging than ever. The anticipation of the next five-year Farm Bill has been met with federal budget pressures and Congressional stalemate.

The good news is that Congress is making progress to pass this long-overdue bill, with the Senate passing a bill last week and a version now making its way through the House. But what is in store for the Farm Bill in the coming months? How might this rocky start impact the final bill?

Watch the webinar, What to Expect When You are Expecting a Farm Bill to learn more.

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    “Since 1985, compliance has been a successful part of farm policy. As crop and revenue insurance becomes the core of agriculture‚Äôs financial safety net, we need to retain the same commitment to conservation that has been a part of past farm programs.” — Jon Scholl, President, American Farmland Trust