Time is Running Out to Pass a Farm Bill in 2012

Farmer and son in front of a tractorThe clock is ticking.

Time is running out for Congress to pass a comprehensive, five-year Farm Bill. To date, this critical legislation has had tremendous support at every juncture, with strong bipartisan adoption by the full Senate and by the House Agriculture Committee.

America’s farming families have faced incredible uncertainty this year. It is past time for Congress to stand up for farmers. Please help America’s family farmers during this critical window of opportunity.

Every five years, the Farm Bill is reassessed by Congress to ensure it helps conserve farmland and supports farmers and ranchers to keep them on the land. If passed before the end of the year, the Farm Bill could help pass a larger deal to help pay down the federal deficit and avoid the looming “fiscal cliff.” Members of Congress are negotiating what a final bill will look like right now, so your input is critical.

We need your voice today to reach out to your members of Congress. Ask them to protect farmers and save America’s farmland by passing a Farm Bill before it is too late

The work already put forth to shape the next Farm Bill has paved the way for new and effective programs to protect farm and ranch land AND help get our nation’s budget in order. Please, act today. Ask your members of Congress to pass a new, fair and comprehensive five-year Farm Bill before the clock runs out for family farms.
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    “Since 1985, compliance has been a successful part of farm policy. As crop and revenue insurance becomes the core of agriculture’s financial safety net, we need to retain the same commitment to conservation that has been a part of past farm programs.” — Jon Scholl, President, American Farmland Trust