Farm Policy Roundup – April 18, 2014

Rancher with lassoAppropriations Top Agenda When Congress Returns from Recess

While Congress is currently observing a two-week recess, legislation to set spending levels for fiscal year 2015 (FY 15) known as appropriations will be at the top of the agenda when lawmakers return.

American Farmland Trust is supporting many important farmland conservation programs in the FY 15 Agriculture Appropriations bill. Visit American Farmland Trust’s Action Center today to lend your support!

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Farm Policy Roundup – April 11, 2014

Rancher with lassoHouse Subcommittee Examines Agriculture Appropriations

The House Agriculture Appropriations subcommittee held a hearing on April 8 to review USDA field agencies and fiscal year 2015 (FY15) spending. The subcommittee makes annual spending decisions for Agriculture, Rural Development, Food and Drug Administration and other related agencies.

Natural Resources Conservation Service Chief Jason Weller was a witness, testifying on conservation successes the agency has experienced in working with private landowners and explaining the agency’s continued need for robust funding for technical assistance as well as for Farm Bill programs.

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Farm Policy Roundup – April 4, 2014

Rancher with lassoAmerican Farmland Trust Supports Agriculture Programs in Appropriations

As House and Senate Appropriations committees increase their focus on fiscal year 2015 (FY15) spending bills, American Farmland Trust is working to ensure funding for farmland conservation, beginning farmers and farmers’ market programs are protected.

American Farmland Trust President and CEO Andrew McElwaine recently sent letters to the House Agriculture Appropriations and Senate Agriculture Appropriations subcommittees urging full funding for a range of important food and agriculture programs. “With the 2014 Farm Bill recently reauthorized, it is crucial that maximum resources are consistently available to ensure effective program delivery and full program implementation,” the letter states. American Farmland Trust is also urging robust funding for Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) Conservation Operations, which funds highly important conservation technical assistance to provide natural resource planning and management assistance to farmers and ranchers.

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Farm Policy Roundup – March 28, 2014

Rancher with lassoUSDA Testifies Before Appropriators on FY 15 Budget

This week, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack testified before Congressional appropriators to defend the department’s fiscal year 2015 (FY15) budget request. U.S. Department of Agriculture’s total budget request for FY15 is $141.4 billion, of which approximately $122.4 billion is for mandatory Farm Bill funding including conservation programs and $19 billion is for discretionary programs such as Conservation Technical Assistance.

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Farm Policy Roundup – March 21, 2014

Rancher with lassoWhite House Announces Climate Data Initiative

This week, the White House announced the rollout of a new effort to bring together data from across the federal government to assist scientists, companies, and citizens in understanding and adapting to the effects of climate change. Available at www.climate.data.gov, the initial focus will be on data related to sea level rise and coastal flooding. Over time, and in partnership with various stakeholders, the initiative will expand to include easy-to-access information about the possible effects of climate change across the country. White House officials have posted more information online, and there is also available a fact sheet on the initiative which can be viewed on the White House website.

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